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Elite’s physical therapists are rehabilitation experts, providing evaluation and treatment to ease pain and regain strength, mobility, and function. Most people who need physical therapy suffer from problems with movement because of pain, stiffness, weakness, lack of coordination, swelling, a disease or because of a recent surgery.

Our therapy programs are designed to achieve the best possible results. Working closely with the patient’s physicianand with the patient’s active and ongoing participationwe assume responsibility for the therapy’s positive outcome.

Special therapeutic exercises and techniques, such as stretching, strengthening and reconditioning activities, are an integral part of our rehabilitation programs. Athletes receive special sports-specific retraining exercises that focus on balance, coordination, strength, and skill. The use of massage, ultrasound, electric stimulation, and hot and cold packs often play a role in our healing and recovery plans.

Therapist-patient communication is essential to the success of physical therapy. We strive to create a setting that’s friendly and warm so you’ll feel comfortable working with us.

Drugs are rarely used at Elite. Published medical research has shown that physical therapy can be an effective alternative to painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs and surgery for relieving many types of pain.

Elites compassionate physical therapists help you resume a more active, independent lifestyle so you can enjoy life more fully. With our successful treatment results you’ll feel better and live better! Elite provides a wide range of therapy services and specialized techniques to promote the healing process and help patients recover from illness or injury.

Our specially trained physical therapists perform thorough, individualized evaluations for your particular diagnosis and select treatments based on the results of the evaluation.