“From the moment I walked into your office it was apparent to me to that it was a place of kindness, compassion, good humor and hard working very competent people. It was a place to recover, to heal, and to feel better.”

Laura T

“It feels so good to be getting my life back to some normality. Everyone at the office is so nice and that makes a pleasant experience for all! Elite makes all the difference!”

Lisa V.

“The dictionary defines Elite as ‘The choice or select, especially a group considered superior.’ What an excellent description of you all and what you do at Elite Physical Therapy. It was great to be able to enjoy life without the pain I first came to you with. Your attention to my knee, leg, and foot, the way you work, your kindness and the friendly atmosphere made my time with you so enjoyable.”

Ann S.

“It is our honor to thank you for your extraordinary professionalism that you extend to my mother and me. As I grow older, I’ve truly learnt to appreciate the little things in life that make up the big picture. Meeting you and knowing that you care about the people who come to you is not only a gift but a trait that will reward you as your organization grows. Your office is a joy to come to and your talent for picking such a wonderful staff is appreciated. I speak freely from my heart for my mother and me when I tell you that it is a joy to come to therapy. I know that coming here is helping me to improve my health and life. Speaking as someone who normally balks at the thought of exercise, I have expanded my thinking and will continue to improve in the areas that you and your team have pointed out to me.”

Ann Marie G., Mother and Sarah Joyce T., Daughter